“I find disability rights fascinating because they challenge notions of normalcy”: Amba Salelkar

A photo of Amba Salelkar speaking into a microphone.

An interview with disability rights activist Amba Salelkar, in which she speaks about law, policy, and the intersection between gender, sexuality and disability.

Working at a policy level to make laws inclusive for people with disabilities is no easy task. Meet Amba Salelkar, a disability rights activist. She is a Board Member at Equals Centre for Promotion of Social Justice, a disability rights advocacy organization. Previously, she has worked with Inclusive Planet Centre for Disability Law and Policy and prior to that, as a criminal lawyer in Mumbai.

We chatted with Amba on Twitter on her journey from litigation to policy, current laws in India on disability, her recommendations to the Justice Verma committee and the intersection of gender, sexuality and disability.