How Arijit Singh helped me see a silver lining

This is a photo of singer Arijit Singh sitting in front of a microphone and singing. He is holding a guitar in his hands.
He’s magnificent, awe-inspiring, and his voice can move people to tears. I’m talking about Arijit Singh, one of the most popular singers in India, who’s bagged countless awards and has been declared one of the top 100 celebrities in 2014, by Forbes. He needs no introduction. His aura and presence on stage matches his magical voice. Arijit Singh is one of my favorite singers, no doubt – he’s changed my life in one of the most significant ways possible.

When one of his first songs came out, “Tum Hi Ho“, which is sung in Aashiqui 2, I was going through a very bad relationship. Everyone was posting about this song on Facebook and I didn’t want to listen to it because I knew I’d cry. Well, I did the inevitable. I listened to the song; I cried. Yeah, you’re probably thinking, “Listening to a love song when you’re going through a bad relationship is going to make you cry.” I wasn’t crying because of the song itself. Rather I was crying because that’s when I realized that I deserved better.

My relationship was an emotionally abusive one. My now ex-boyfriend always used to criticize me about being on a wheelchair — he never encouraged me nor was helpful. Nor did he motivate. Usually, partners are supposed to be encouraging, isn’t it? I always wanted him to encourage me to try something different that would help my health. But instead he emotionally tortured me. He made me go against myself and my beliefs because I was disabled, which is something that I shouldn’t ever feel bad for, nor should I be resentful. Life is about ups and downs, it’s about challenges and struggle. But life’s too short to have negative influences.

“Tum Hi Ho” made me realize that I deserved better. I deserved a love that would respect me, appreciate me, and would understand me. Unknowingly, Arijit’s voice helped me end my relationship, he helped me move on, and he helped me gather the strength to fight my own demons. From that point on, I made myself stronger, more confident, and I developed great self-respect for myself, because I realized that I should be treated with love, care, and respect.

“Tum Hi Ho” is just magical, the soft melodious beginning, the strong raspy voice of Arijit, combined with the heart wrenching lyrics make a deadly, yet beautiful combination. Something about the whole composition of the song made me realize that I was more important than anyone else. This song is something that creates mixed feelings in me; the soft, slow music makes for a wonderful lullaby — waiting to make its next listener fall asleep, the raw, raspiness of Arijit’s voice shakes your soul violently, while it awakens, and the heartwarming lyrics keeps your senses alive. It’s like your heart’s on fire, but he keeps putting it out with water, until its set ablaze again.

The pain, the pleasure, the longing, the solitude, the love, and the hate is overwhelming at times. The pain of wanting a love so badly as the lyrics describe is unrealistic. The pleasure this song brings is outstanding, the longing for a love so perfect is ridiculous, the solitude is admirable, the love for this song is unbelievable, and the hatred that this song can unknowingly control you is therefore frustrating.

Many of you may already be fans of Arijit Singh, but I want to share some of his underrated songs that helped me think, helped me love, and helped me understand. I hope some of these become your favorites as well.

  1. Phir Le Aaya Dil (Reprise) – Barfi

  1. Main Rang Sharbaton Ka (Reprise) – Phata Poster Nikla Hero


  1. Tose Naina – Mickey Virus

  1. Laal Ishq – Goliyon Ki Raasleela: Ram-Leela

  1. Tu Hi Hai Aashiqui – Dishkiyaoon

  1. Shukr Tera – Samrat & Co

  1. Tu Har Lamha – Khamoshiyan

  1. Title Song – Humari Adhuri Kahani

There are so many wonderful songs by Arijit Singh, but I feel these are the most underrated songs that he’s sung. Of course, these are some of my favorites as well. I’ve noticed that I’ve been able to think more clearly and I’m able to understand myself and how I should be treated because of these songs.

Featured image credit: A still from the YouTube video ‘Tum Hi Ho’