What women want men to know

A painting called Young Girls, 1932, by Amrita Sher-Gil. Two women seated on chairs face each other.

Men are always asking other people the secrets to a successful relationship with a woman, or what do women think of X (enter your own variable).

Men are always asking other people the secrets to a successful relationship with a woman, or what do women think of X (enter your own variable). Honestly, it isn’t really difficult. I mean women aren’t some alien species from a different plant. I realized that a lot of men, not generalizing, don’t really know what women like, what we want, or how to behave around us. Even though I think it’s quite simple, it seems as if it might be too difficult for some men to understand that. Therefore, I’ve compiled a list of things that I think are important for every person to understand about most women (trying really hard not to generalize).

1. Women are people. Like I said before, we’re not some alien species from a different planet. We speak the same language, we have a wide range of emotions like a normal human being, and we’re particular about our likes and dislikes.

2. Every woman is different and it’s unfair to compare her to your crush, your best friend, your mother, or any other woman figure in your life. We all have different likes and dislikes, different cultures, different values, and different characteristics that make us unique and we’re proud of our individuality. I think that needs to be respected and loved. If you try to compare us to some important woman figure in your life, we may never exceed your expectations, or even come close. Try appreciating us for who we are, and you’ll learn to love us even more.

3. The things that you consider insecurities in yourself, like the ability to cry while watching chick flicks, we actually really appreciate your sensitivity. We think that your sensitivity is a strong trait to have. It doesn’t make you seem feminine, weak, or any other term you may think of, we appreciate it, and I personally love it.

4. Treat us with respect. Stop boasting about your sexual life with your friends. Most women will agree that it’s cheap, sleazy, and disgusting when you boast about a random chick you picked up and slept with. Show some respect to yourself and to the girl. Congratulations, you had sex, but there isn’t any reason for you to boast about it. If you do want to talk about your amazing endeavour, talk about it with some class, try removing derogatory words from your vocabulary.

5. Just because we’re angry or irritated about something, doesn’t always mean that we’re on our period. Stop relating our period to every emotion. We have the right to be angry, upset, and irritated just as you. When you do this, you’re making us even more angry. Instead of telling us to “chill out”, why not try resolving the situation, by asking us what the problem is?

6. Be honest. I don’t know a single woman who doesn’t like it when a man is honest with them. Being honest is one of the hardest thing a person can do in a relationship, especially after they’ve done something wrong. I’m telling you, it’s also one of the most rewarding and appreciated things a man can do in a relationship (this also goes for women too). Be honest about yourself, be true to yourself, be confident and positive. If you like something that your significant other doesn’t like, that’s okay, embrace that. That doesn’t make you less attractive or wanted. Individuality is probably one of the things that make us attracted to men the most.

Embrace your weirdness, your flaws, and the quirky things that make you, you. Don’t be afraid to show us that side, be honest with who you are as a person and we’ll love you for that.

Like I said, everyone is different, everyone likes different things and that’s totally okay. These are the most universal things that I could think of that will, hopefully, help you to understand women just a tiny bit better. Obviously, it’s difficult to understand anyone with the help of a list, you need to talk to the person, know what they like and dislike, that’s how you’ll understand them.

Featured image credit: Young Girls, 1932, Amrita Sher-Gil (Used for representational purposes only).