Panel A: Drawing of the Scream emoji (hands on their face and screaming) Text: Small talk is the creation of the devil for anybody. But for PwDs, it’s a special kind of hell, where strangers sometimes ask us in-depth questions about our disability. Panel B: Drawing of a bottle of beer with a sign above it that says ‘For those over 21 years + Nondisabled only!’ Text: Common assumptions include that the disabled don’t travel unescorted, don’t commute by public transport, don’t go out just to have fun, and DEFINITELY don’t drink alcohol! Panel C: A woman drinking alcohol surrounded by camera flashes (like paparazzi). Her eyes are wide and she looks shocked. Text: When people find out that people with disabilities, in fact, love these things just as much as anyone else, it usually elicits a strange reaction. (Revelation: drinking beer makes me an inspiration!)