Two figures with their back to us are embracing each other lovingly. They are surrounded by circles of bright colours – shades of yellow and red.

Call for pitches

Skin Stories is soliciting pitches for personal essays by people with disabilities on the following issues: neurodiversity, cognitive disabilities, and physical disabilities.

We are particularly keen to hear from Dalit, Bahujan and Adivasi writers, as well as gender non-binary and trans writers.

We would especially like to read pitches for essays on the intersection between living with disability, and issues of gender, sexuality and intimacy, but can consider other ideas as well.

We will only be reading pitches for this particular call for submissions for the month of April.

Please send a one paragraph pitch to [email protected].

These are our guidelines:

  1. We do not accept unsolicited submissions. If you would like to write for us, please send a short (one paragraph) pitch to [email protected].
  2. Before submitting your pitch, please familiarise yourself with what we’ve already published.
  3. At this time, we only publish nonfiction writing. Please do not send us fiction or poetry.
  4. Once you’ve submitted your query, please give us at least two weeks to respond. Please feel free to follow up if we have not responded after two weeks.
  5. Articles normally run between 800–1000 words. Exceptions can be made, but pieces will rarely exceed 1200 words.
  6. Once your pitch has been accepted, and you have made a submission, please understand that we may require you to work with us on a reasonable number of edits, and that we may not be able to publish your post immediately. Note: Writers will be paid after the piece is published.
  7. We are a small operation — each piece is lovingly hand-crafted, and we only publish once a week. Posts are often planned weeks in advance. The editor will let you know when your piece is likely to be published.


Featured image credit: Alia Sinha